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Anjuman-e-Sharie Shian condemns curbs on Muharram processions
Jammu Kashmir Anjuman-e-Sharie Shian has condemned curbs on Muharram processions in various areas in Srinagar. 'Govt has adopted policy of snatching religious freedom along with political freedom.'

Hawzah News Agency (Srinagar, Kashmir) – A meeting of Anjuman Shari Shian was held in which the top organizational members participated.

“We condemn restrictions on restrictions on 8th and 10th historical Muharram processions for past 27 years. Government has adopted policy of snatching religious freedom along with political freedom,” said President J&K Anjuman-e-Sharie Shian and senior Hurriyat leader Aga Syed Hassan Almosvi Alsafvi in a statement.



"Government has been curbing historical Lal Chowk Muharram procession which is symbol of communal harmony, unity and reflects sentiment of people of Kashmir. Aga Sahab condemned detaining and beating of mourners who try to take out procession from Guru Bazaar Srinagar despite ban," he said.


Aga Seyed Hasan also threw light on life and teachings of Imam Hussain (a.s.) and asked people to follow the path and teachings of Islam. “The martyrs of Karbala have set an example before us through their deeds, which will remain till the last day of this world," he said. He also prayed for the whole Muslim Ummah for their religious peace, unity and integrity.



"Without unity among Muslims, problems could not resolve. Enemies of Islam were making untiring efforts to defame Islam, however, their designs would be frustrated and they could not succeed in their nefarious designs. It is the need of the hour to show unity," he said.



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