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'Israel working systematically to destroy Palestinian cause'
The Israeli regime is working to ''systematically destroy'' any chances of the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with various measures, says a commentator.

Hawzah News Agency (London, Britain) Israeli officials ''are trying to systematically destroy the Palestinian cause for national liberation piece by piece,'' Robert Inlakesh, a political analyst said.

"They are trying to destroy their (the Palestinians') education, and their housing. They are trying to further colonize the West Bank, absolutely strangle the civilian population" of Palestine, Inlakesh said. ''They are trying to completely destroy the Palestinian people, the Palestinian cause, beat them down, and force them into submission.''



The Israeli regime has been building settlements deep into Palestinian territory in what is seen as an attempt to thwart Palestinian aspirations for an independent state.

The US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, recently said that Tel Aviv has a free pass for the settlements from the United State (US) and doesn’t even need to ask for permission to build more of them.



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