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The program of Hazrat Masumah (S.A) holy shrine proclaimed for the first decade of Muharram
Opening Muharram Radio, replacing the flag of the dome of the holy shrine, speech, Hosseini infancy conference, Magtal khani, elegy and vigil the night of Ashura are the most important programs of the holy shrine of Masumeh (S.A) during the first decade of Muharram.

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran) – The ceremony of announcing the mourning of Muharram in the holy shrine of Hazrat Fatemeh Masumah (S.A) will be held on Monday, 10th of September, with the opening of Muharram Radio, at the same time of the speech of Grand Ayatullah Makarem Shirazi in Imam Khomeini's Shrine's house.

Also the ritual of changing the flag of the dome of the Hazrat Masumah (S.A) happens on the same day, it will be held at Imam Reza (S.A) holy shrine at 18:30 with Maddahi ‘elegy’ of Hadj Abbas Haidarzadeh.

The Holy Shrine in the first decade of Muharram will witness the ritual of morning prayers, speeches and recitation of Ziyarat Ashura.

It is worth mentioning, Hosseini infancy conference is also on Friday, September 14, at 8:00 am. Maddahan ‘eulogists’ are Hadi Abbas Haidarzadeh and Haj Seyyed Ali Hosseini Nezhad.

The Magtal khani of the day of Tasuba is on Wednesday, before the noon prayer in the presence of Hujjat al-Islam Zahiri and the elegy and vigil the night of Ashura will be held at 1:00 am, along with the performance of Quranic programs.




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