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In presence of scholars, teachers and students;
​The new academic year of the Hawzah Ilmiyya began
Ceremony of the beginning of the new academic year of the Hawzah Ilmiyya (Shia Islamic Seminaries) was held with the speeches of the Ulema and the provincial officials at the Feydiyya School of Qom.

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran) – Ayatullah Sobhani one of the prominent Shia’s Marja at the ceremony of the beginning of the new academic year of Hawzah Ilmiyya (The Islamic Seminaries) in Qom said: “teaching and refinement are two big responsibilities of the Hawzah students towards society, to witness the intellectual and moral uplift of the people.”

This prominent Hawzah Scholar said: “Our students must study at least 8 hours a day so that they can have a decent outlet for their community.”

He stated: “Today, the Takfiri problem is one of the main issues in the world of Islam that Mohammed bin Abdul Wahhab is the root of it and in the same direction Takfiri recognition should be a basic unit in Hawzah.”

Aayatollah Arifi, director of The Hawzah Ilmiyya of Iran, also expressed the following: “The Hawzah has had authenticity, history and great service throughout history, and even though we believe in the redevelopment of it, we strongly believe in the authenticity and firm foundations of this place.”

Director of the Hawzah Ilmiyya pointed out: “The Hawzah has passed through difficult passages and has left behind difficult stages; but the Ulama and the great scholars always adhered to the divine mission and they have sacrificed themselves in this way.”

Friday prayer leader in Qom stated: “The great works of jurisprudence, commentary, verbal, philosophical, principled, and ... existed in the history of Hawzah and we have these great works.”



Hawzah Ilmiyya never follow the path of secularism

He added: “The Qom Hawzah in the 40 years before, and before the 50th anniversary of its establishment, was the producer of the Great Islamic Revolution. Our Hawzah will never follow the path of secularism and away from the high social and political values of Islam and we support the people, society, Islam and the Islamic Revolution.”



The need for changes in the Hawzah

Hujjat al-Islam Rostamnejad, deputy of education in the Hawzah Ilmiyya of Iran, also pointing to the need for changes in the Hawzah and the emphasis of the Supreme Leader on this issue over the past few years has stated: “Since most of the changes in the Hawzah is in compiling and editing texts, more than 65 texts in the Arabic literature, beliefs, interpretations and other titles produced or modified.”

He added: “More than eight thousand verses of the Qur'an and four thousand Ahadis of Ahl al-Bayt (A.S) are included in these texts and are currently in use at 224 school classes in Hawzah.




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