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In West Azerbaijan province:
Eid Ghadir celebration to be held in ۲۴۵ Urmia mosques
According to Cultural deputy of Islamic Propaganda Organization in West Azerbaijan province, this year's Ghadir celebration will be held in ۲۴۵ Urmia rural and Urban Musques.

Hawzah News Agency (Urmia, Iran) – Hujjat al-Islam Ramin Khornezhad Hosseini in a conversation with the Hawzah news agency in Urmia, referring to the plans of the "Keramat & Velayat decade" in West Azarbaijan province, stated: "In this 10 days, special events will be held in all cities of the province, one of them is the celebration of Ghadir in 245 Urmia urban and rural mosques, as well as celebrations in 200 city and village councils.


Stating that the establishment of Salavati Stations in this decade has been considered, he said: "150 Salavati Stations are being built in the main squares of the city during this decade with the distribution of sweets and drinks. Also in 140 mosques, the "Nahj al-Balagha" revival conferences will be held and in the Urmia's Ellarbaghi Park, the Ghadir displays and the painting pavilion and street theater will be open for enthusiasts."




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