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Al-Nujaba movement: US wants a weak state in Iraq
Spokesman for the Islamic Resistance Movement al-Nujaba said that the United States wants a weak state in Iraq and its forces to remain in this country.

Hawzah News Agency (Baghdad, Iraq) - Hashem al-Musawi emphasized that the statement by the so-called US-led international coalition against the ISIL (or Daesh) and the announcement that its forces will remain in Iraq, is part of Washington's apparent interference in Iraq and also a violation of Iraq's sovereignty.


He underlined that Iraq does not need the US advisors and combat forces because 'these forces were never with us in the war against the ISIL', adding, 'The coalition's statements cannot be discounted from US involvement in the formation of the future Iraqi government because Washington does not want a strong and coherent government serving the people seeking a weak state.'


The US-led coalition said on Sunday that as long as the US troops are needed in Iraq, they will stay in that country.


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