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Director of the center for the issues of Isfahan Mosques, said:
​۵ Thousand Imams are active in Isfahan/ People should turn to “Mosque therapy”
According to Hujjat al-Islam Salehian, If people turn to the "mosque therapy" in real life, many of their problems will be solved and the mosque will be the fastest remedy in the shortest possible time.”

Hawzah News Agency (Isfahan, Iran) – Hujjat al-Islam Mohammad Reza Salehian said this morning at a news conference on the occasion of the World Mosque Week: Imam Mohammad Baqir (AS) says that everything has a lock and the lock for the faith is tolerance with people.”

He stated: “The mosque must be a pillar in real life and be one of the important pillars of the life for a devoted Muslim, if people put the mosque in their Basket of Life, and treat their pain with mosque many of their problems will be solved.”

Adviser to the governor of Isfahan in the affairs of the clergy said: "With the calmness that the mosque brings to people, many people's problems are solved, because the mental issues affect the body, the joyous soul is only possible by connecting to the divine spirit of the mosque.”


"Mosque Therapy"

Hujjat al-Islam Salehian pointed out: If people turn to the "mosque therapy", many of their problems will be solved and the mosque will be the fastest remedy in the shortest possible time.”

He stated: “we believe that the mosque is dedicated to a number of matters that we commemorate the mosque for these titles. The first day of the mosque is named after Imamate. Every society should have a constitution, we believe that our constitution is Qur'an, the second day, the mosque and the Qur'an, the third day, the mosque and lifestyle, the fourth day, called mosque and resistance, which focuses on martyrs. The fifth day is the mosque and “expecting the appearance of Imam Mahdi”, which is based on the future of Shia school, the mosque and family is the name of the sixth day and seventh day is going to be the day of the mosque and economy, the mosque and youth, the mosque and the role of the emergence of Islamic civilization, mosque and revolutionary and anti-theocracy."

Hujjat al-Islam Salehian emphasized: "We must civilize the mosque; anti-theocracy is happening when our young is revolutionary and we have a revolutionary society, employees and government.”

He added that there are currently 5,330 mosques in the province of Isfahan, there are about 100 mosques in 15 areas in the city of Isfahan, 5,000 imams operate at the provincial level and There are 1,400 imams in the city inself.




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