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United Bank UK hosts Islamic banking seminar
United Bank UK held an Islamic banking seminar to raise awareness of Islamic banking alternatives available for the community.

Hawzah News Agency (Bradford, UK) – The event held in Bradford was attended by the mayor of Bradford, members of the local community, senior figures from local Mosques and business men and women.

The presentation saw opening remarks delivered by the mayor of Bradford Councillor Zafar Ali.



Addressing the audience Agha Khan, Senior Product Manager at United Bank UK said, "Through our Ameen Islamic Banking range, United Bank UK provides a variety of Islamic bank accounts and home finance that could help the communities that we serve manage their financial needs in accordance with their faith."

He added, "United Bank UK's Islamic Home Finance, Current and Savings Accounts are all rigorously analyzed and approved by our Sharia Scholar to ensure that they adhere to the highest standards of Sharia compliance."



Mufti Barkatulla Abdul Kadir, Sharia Judge at the Islamic Sharia Council of London and United Bank UK's Sharia Advisor also delivered a presentation providing the scholarly perspective on United Bank UK's Islamic banking services.

He also provided a framework by which the community could assess the Islamic banking alternatives available to them, to ensure that they can be confident the services on offer adhere to Sharia principles.



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