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Detailed discussion with the Associate Press of Hawzah Seminary:
Understatements of the changes in religious books / A memorable memory from the Supreme Leader
Hujjat al-Islam Nabavi said, In the Seminary, there are countless scientific and religious capacities in accordance with the needs of the community that can be exploited.

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran)- Hujjat al-Islam Mohammad Hassan Nabavi, in a detailed interview with the correspondent of the "Hawzah" news agency, describing the activities of the deputy of press and cultural affairs of the Hawzah Seminary said: “In this deputy, five important sections are active including the management of cultural and scientific research and studies, the management of cooperation with institutions and organizations, the management of missionaries and Hijrat, the management of cultural affairs and the arts and media, as well as the management of distinct and active religions.”


About a thousand educational books were reviewed


“For example, educational books that are more sensitive to this section are evaluated and reviewed. In this regard, we have reviewed more than 990 educational books.” He said.

Regarding the survey, he noted: “The study of content, images, and arrays in religious writing is very important, and the content is carefully criticized.”


The position of Velayat-e faqih had been weakened


He reiterated: “Also, changing the position of the clergy in political equations was another change of textbook that we had examined. Among the characters of Khaje Nasir al-Din Tusi who was a cleric was portrayed as an inventor, even in these books, the position of Velayat-e faqih was undermined.”


Hujjat al-Islam Nabavi said: “The Islamic Consultative Assembly's Education and Research Commission invited us to criticize the book, we declared that we are not seeking linear and factional discussions, and we are considering religious discussions. We want to promote religion between the younger generations and make revolutionary changes in books. We have asked the Islamic Assembly to pass a law to let us compile religious books in the seminary.”


We should familiarize children with religious values


Deputy of press and cultural affairs of the Hawzah Seminary noted: “In order to achieve these goals, we have developed several books for education. Although the book approval process is long and should be tested in some provinces, however, we have been working on as many as books we formally teach in education.”


Providing contents for missionaries


Nabavi said: “Edited books are given to missionaries for them to learn new and promotional practices by clerics.

The content in these books are in different forms, and part of them are in the social media and the channels and the other part is published in the form of books. These edited books are given to missionaries to learn and work clergy of new and promotional ways.  The book "Method of Speech" is another book that is in fact the production of science, in which methods are completely innovative.”

He explained: “At a meeting that was attended by all the heads of the Iran's Islamic Development Organization and service center and the Imam's Friday councils, we decided to do our job and we also sent about 400 people in less than 7 months. When we announced that to head of the supreme leader's office, Mr. Golpayegani, he said the expression of this issue was a joy to leader.”


Other topics of this conversation included the activities of 3380 missionaries in the Hijrat plan, sending 8500 religious missionaries on religious occasions, paying every month a million Tomans to the religious missionaries of the Hijart plan, building 2,500 mosques in deprived areas and development of approximately 1,600 mosques, sending 350-400 annually in the Hijrst Plan, the activity of 2500 Amin schools and development of 12 educational projects.


I have been in contact with the educational department for 20 years


He said: "part of the work is being done, in educational department in which we send the amount of the educational plans that is under the name of Amin schools. After four decades of Islamic revolution in Iran, this department has not yet had a distinguished training plan. I have been in contact with the educational department for 20 years and I see that there is no educational plan.”


“People are welcoming to Amin schools but because of the lack of funds we cannot expand them.” He added.



Art education in Seminary Schools


He said: "Another important activity in Hawzah is the teaching of art in all theological schools, which has been communicated to schools throughout the country. According to the program, the first year of the curriculum is in conjunction with the fourth year of their studies, which is a period for familiarization with the field and finding the best talents between Hawzah students.”



Holding the Celestial Art Festival in the provinces


Nabavi said that the Celestial Arts Program is the main festival in Qom, which has 15 years of experience, but since last year, we are also managing schools and provincial festivals.


Hawzah activities on the Internet

Explaining about activities on the internet, he said: “activities in this area are followed in several sections. One section includes web browsers with discussion boards and places to advertise to audience groups and Hawzah students identify them.”


150 missionary activities in different sects and religions


He stated: “This section is mostly about answering doubts, questions and misconceptions. And the relevant professionals follow promotional work in relation to sects and religions.”



Content on the site in 9 languages


Hojjat al-Islam Nabavi mentioned: “another part is the foreign languages, and content on the Hawzah site are in 9 languages. We are trying to be recognized in different languages like Spanish, Arabic and English.


Religious books sometimes scare the children


He noted: “One of the concerns is that religious books that have been previously compiled have a philosophical structure. For a child who is emotional, one cannot give a purely rational discussion; Religious books sometimes scare the children.  We are not saying there should not be philosophical debate; But in their own context. For example God refers to the signs of beauty in the verses and examples of the camel in the Qur'an, because in the Arabian lands, camels are an example that is understandable to everyone.”


The descendants of Iran’s Leader are all tenants


Hujjat al-Islam Navabi condemning the atmosphere of wrong policies and stealing public funds said: “Some people are generous with the public treasury, Generosity with public funds is oppression against the people; some people sometimes say that it's a mischief if a person is not generous; there is no problem; but generosity must be done from one's own capital. I recall that some time ago, one of the children of the leader brought his livelihoods to Qom to rent a house. He didn’t have a place to stay at the time so he forced to leave his belongings somewhere.

When the news came to the ears of the leader, his Excellency said: See how much the rent money is and pay it. All I say is that the Virtues must be told.”



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