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Anti-Trump protesters gather outside White House to 'confront corruption'
Hundreds of demonstrators protesting US President Trump and his administration have gathered outside the White House to “confront corruption and demand democracy.”

Hawzah News Agency (Washington, US) - Organizers of the three-day “Confront Corruption: Demand Democracy” rally, which attracted even more protesters on Wednesday night, accused government officials of working “for personal and financial gain rather than for the welfare of American people.”

The protests began on Friday, after 12 Russians were indicted by the US for running an alleged hacking campaign to help Trump win the 2016 US presidential election.

Many of the protesters carried signs that accused the president of “collusion” with Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin.

Just a day earlier, the Lafayette Park outside the White House became the scene of another major protest against Trump’s performance in his recent meeting with Putin.

The Monday meeting between Trump and Putin in the Finnish capital Helsinki was overshadowed by Russia’s alleged interference, a conclusion made by all US intelligence agencies following Trump's surprising victory against his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump also refused to hold Putin responsible for alleged hacking attacks that American intelligence agencies say tipped the scale in his favor during the race for the White House.

The protest movement soon spread to include a wider range of issues, including the president’s pending nominee for the Supreme Court as well as the corruption accusations that surround him and his team.

The protesters said on their website that these issues ranged “from attacks on the rule of law to conflicts of interest, ethics violations and flagrant abuse of government offices for personal gain, the corruption of the American government by the President, his associates and many in his party has reached a new, profound low.”

A crowd also gathered in New York City’s Times Square for an evening vigil, holding signs with the words “dump Trump” and “traitor Trump.”

The group’s website listed dozens of vigils that were set to be held throughout the nation.



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