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French young man converts to Islam at Razavi Shrine
Attending Razavi Holy Shrine and reciting his words of faith, a French young man converted to Islam. this newly Muslim person who converted to Islam by attending at Astan Quds Razavi Office of Non-Iranian Pilgrims stated, “I have been living in France east part since my childhood and therefore, I have had lots of contacts with Muslims”.

Hawzah News Agency (Mashhad, Iran) - Noting that my family has always had a very open view toward other religions and saying that all religions have some common points with each other, he added, “I had many work and recreational travels to the Middle East and Islamic countries and I got familiar with Islam and found lots of common points between the two religions”. 
Saying that he has had lots of studies about Islam and Christianity, this young French man mentioned, “Although I am a Christian, I am not a specialist in it. Therefore, I found more practical and useful viewpoints and procedures about lifestyle in Islam and I got a positive opinion about it”.
He went on to say, “All humans are looking for a better life. Islam is a strong religion in this area and it offers many points and orders for promotion and advancement of the mankind”. 
He said, “Although getting familiarity with the religion is very important for me, making acquaintance with an Iranian lady added to my understanding of Islam significantly. I decided to convert to Islam to have a better life”. 
Emphasizing that his conversation to Islam was totally personal and marriage was one of his reasons for accepting this religion, this Muslim convert said, “I am interested know more about Islam and Shia religion and I do want to try more in order to be better and more useful man”. 
In continuation of his remarks, he referred to the west’s attacks toward Islam and Muslims and reiterated, “Being useful for yourself and others and also representing real Islam through behavior and action is the best way to encounter with enemies’ soft war”.
“Today is a starting point for me and I ask God in this very holy place to add to my comprehension and science of Islam and Shia”, he added.
It is worth mentioning that a copy of holy Qur’an in English, some books and cultural gifts were offered to this new Muslim convert by Astan Quds Razavi Management of Non-Iranian Pilgrims at the end of this ceremony.



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