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Research deputy of seminary sisters in Isfahan;
​The scholarly interview for top talents will be held at Isfahan Seminary Sisters
Research deputy of seminary sisters in Isfahan stated the news about provincial stage of scholarly interview for top talents in provincial seminary schools (Islamic school) for sisters.

Hawzah News Agency (Tehran, Iran) – Zahra Sohrabi stating this news said: "Elite Affairs Department in the center Management of Seminaries Sisters with collaboration of research deputies of other provinces will held recall for top talent called "Nab 4" (pure 4) especially for Tollab (seminary students) in levels of 2,3 & 4, with the purpose of finding elite students with superior talent in the fields of education, research and promotion and cultural affairs."

Research deputy of seminary sisters in Isfahan reiterated: The recall and recognition of superior talent has taken place in three stages and now we are in the fourth stage under the title "pure 4".



 "After evaluation of application of the attendees in the stage 4 by the research deputy of the province, interviews will be held on Friday, July 13. Students who obtain the necessary points will be invited to a national interview in the center of seminary schools in Qom", he added.

Sohrabi pointed out: "The sources of scholarly interviews at both provincial and national levels are from the jurisprudence and other courses during their studies and the names of scholars who will be approved in the fields of Tabligh and Research will be subsequently introduced and announced."



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