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Sheikh Salah released on condition of house arrest
The Israeli Magistrate Court in northern city of Haifa decided to release Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Islamic Movement within the Green Line, on harsh conditions including house arrest.

Hawzah News Agency (Occupied Territories of Palestine) - The lawyer Khaled Zabarqa said that the Israeli court decided to release Sheikh Raed Salah on restricted terms after a one-year imprisonment in solitary confinement. 

He added that the court decided on Thursday to release him to home arrest in Kafer Kanna town northern Occupied Palestine with putting an electronic bracelet on his hand.



The "conditions" included a ban on entering Salah's hometown of Umm al-Fahm in northern Israel and other restrictions on his movement and contacting people as well as banning him from visitation and contacting media. 

Israeli police arrested Sheikh Salah from his home in Umm al-Fahm last August. The occupation alleged that his detention was based on his involvement in incited violence and "terrorism" on more than one occasion and for his membership in a banned organization following the decision to ban the Islamic Movement in 2015.



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