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Son of ISIS leader killed in Syria's Homs
A son of Daesh ‌(or ISIS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed in the city of Homs in Syria, the terror group's news channel reported.

Hawzah News Agency (Damascus, Syria) - The statement released on Tuesday showed an image of a young boy carrying an assault rifle and gave no further details.

Baghdadi's whereabouts remain unknown, but the wording of the statement seemed to imply he is still alive.


The secretive Daesh leader has frequently been reported killed or wounded since he proclaimed a state in Mosul in 2014, after leading his fighters on a sweep through northern Iraq.


Baghdadi's last message came in the form of an undated 46-minute audio recording, released via the Al-Furqan news organization in September, where he urged followers across the world to wage attacks against the West and to keep fighting in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere.


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