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YouTube campaign to takle Islamophobia in Germany
United campaign on major video sharing website YouTube is demanding the public to voice their hatred for discriminating the Muslim community.

Hawzah News Agency (Berlin, Germany) - Threats, insults and physical attacks are only a part of the measures against Muslims living in Germany, a fact which has inspired a unity determined to stand against the crime.
Campaigners have urged for a public condemnation of discrimination against Muslims.


A recent victim of Islamophobia, Farah Bouamar, who was attacked over her Islamic hijab says train stations which are normally busy make the constant corner for such attacks.                                                      

An attacker who emptied his drink on her head with insulting words is only one case of many such instances she is challenged with on a daily basis. The whole story is over living the life of a Muslim woman in German society.


The 26-year-old philosophy student keeps her smile as she does not intend to play a victim's role. "One should mull his behaviors and decide when to get angry or announce his wrath" she says and adds" One should think of what might happen to other people with the same feature if the anger is vented. The process should also be maintained by those who are provoked by Hijabi women.''
This group of campaigners uploads cliché videos of Islamophobic instances on you Tube to portray clear moments of discrimination and hostility against Muslims to the world people.


"I am particularly interested in alleviating sensibilities in Muslim and non-Muslim communities alike" she says and added," This is only to join hands and discover that the issue is a part of our daily life and we should take measures to create a healthy relation."
For the first time in 2017, more than 1075 reports of attacks against Muslims and Islamic institutes. Experts estimate a number of 8-12 cases have gone unreported. According to the anti-racism campaign crimes against Islam are quite wide with a range of arson attacks on mosques to tearing the scarves from women's heads.


While some of the most serious forms of Islamophobia have been reported from Germany, the country is home to almost 5’000’000 Muslims.



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