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News Code : 352468 | Publish Date :2018/7/3 - 16:00 | Category: SCHOLARS
Ayatollah Kabalan:
"Zionist, Takfiri terrorism hostile to whole humanity"
Lebanese top cleric denounced Israeli crimes against Palestinian people stressing that to end Israeli occupation is the solution for issue of Palestine.

Hawzah News Agency (Beirut, Lebanon) - Ayatollah Abdul Amir Kabalan, head of Lebanon Supreme Shia Council, stressed that Zionist and Takfiri terrorism as the enemy of whole humanity.
He slammed the Zionist regime of Israel for indiscriminate killing of civilians from all religions and ethnicities urging followers of all religions for a united front against the terrorist regime of Israel.


The cleric called Palestine as number one issue of the Muslim and Christian community and said, "Zionists desecrated religious sanctities in their occupation of Palestine and followed Takfiri terrorist methods in killing of Palestinian people."
According to the Lebanese scholar solution for issue of Palestine lies in putting an end to occupation of Palestine and formation of an independent Palestinian government with Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital and also return of the Palestinian people to their ancestral lands.



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