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Quran teaching center set up in Gaza city
A Quran memorization center titled “Nujaba ۲” has been set up in the western part of the Gaza City.

Hawzah News Agency (Occupied Palestine) - According to, the “Ibad-ul-Rahman” mosque of the city has set up the center, in which Quran memorization courses will be held.

45 students who successfully passed the evaluation exam have taken the first Quranic course of the center, which will run for two months, the director of the mosque said.

The classes start after the morning prayers and last until the noon prayers and from the evening to night prayers.

Sabir Ahmad, the dean of Al-Sahabah Faculty in Gaza and Walid Amoudi, teacher of Quran interpretation and Quranic sciences of the Islamic University in Gaza supervise the activities of the center.

The 55-day Quranic course is taught by 6 Quran memorization experts.

The first Quranic center titled “Nujaba” was set up in 2007 in which 20 Quran students succeeded to memorize the Quran.


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