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Egypt’s Al-Azhar, Awqaf ministry at odds on issuing Fatwas
The row between Egypt’s Al-Azhar Islamic Center and Ministry of Awqaf (endowments) and Religious Affairs over who has the authority to issue Fatwas (religious edicts) is now reaching the Arab country’s parliament.

Hawzah News Agency (Cairo, Egypt) - According to Akhbaruna al-Yawm website, the parliament’s religious affairs committee is going to discuss the issue and come up with a motion for the parliament to make a decision on it.

Recently, Muhiyeddin Afifi, an official with al-Azhar, said the Awqaf ministry is not authorized to issue Fatwas and publicize them via social networks or the media.

However, Awqaf Minister Mohamed Mokhtar Guma has rejected the objection.

According to current laws, there are 4 bodies in Egypt, namely Al-Azhar Scholars Council, Assembly of Islamic Studies, Dar-al-Ifta and Fatwa department of the Awqaf ministry, allowed to announce Fatwas.

Those who are not authorized to issue Fatwas will be jailed and fined if they do so.



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