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Halal restaurant guide app during FIFA World Cup in Russia
Crave Halal, a halal restaurants mobile app in the Apple App Store, is now making lives easier for the traveling Muslim fans visiting Russia for the ongoing FIFA World Cup ۲۰۱۸.

Hawzah News Agency (Moscow, Russia) - This popular iPhone app has already been used by many of these fans to find restaurants that serve Halal meal in areas where World Cup games are taking place. 

The FIFA World Cup 2018 fever has already started spreading across the soccer fanatics around the globe. This year's world cup features as many as seven Muslim-majority participants including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Tunisia, Senegal and Nigeria. FIFA estimates the presence of around 100,000 Muslim fans from these countries in Russia during this month-long tournament. 



Russia has a Muslim population of thirty million, and Crave Halal is expected to be a great success in the country even after the FIFA World Cup. In the initial stage, they have researched and identified around two hundred Halal restaurants that are currently catering the soccer fans near the World Cup venues.  

Launched in July 2017, Crave Halal has already become a familiar name amongst the Muslims in the United States, Canada and South Korea, with over fifteen thousand enlisted Halal restaurants.



Some of the most important features of the app include 

- The Halal status of each restaurant is verified manually by calling them 


- The database is updated regularly to include more restaurants 

- Use of superior technology to deliver the most accurate database of Zabihah Halal restaurants 


- Accurate restaurant details including website, menu, business hours, and a map-view of Halal restaurants nearby

"Finding good Halal restaurants can often be a great concern for the traveling Muslim fans. This is why we have launched Crave Halal in Russia just before the FIFA World Cup 2018," says a senior spokesperson from Crave Halal Inc. "We hope our app will help these fans forget all worries about finding the right kind of food and enjoy the World Cup at the fullest."

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