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World’s longest hand-written Quran being accomplished in Najaf
Iraqi calligraphers in Najaf are calligraphing the world’s longest copy of the Holy Quran.

Hawzah News Agency (Najaf, Iraq) - Akram Hakkak, an official with the Najaf Center for Writing, Cataloguing and Publication that has undertaken the project, told IQNA that once completed, the copy will be 12,000 meters long.

He said 6,000 meters of the book has been completed so far.

According to Hakkak, a number of calligraphers from Najaf are working on the project.

He added that a number of other Quran calligraphy projects are also being implemented in the center, including one that features Quran calligraphy in the old Kufic script.

The Najaf Center for Writing, Cataloguing and Publication was established in 2010 to collect and preserve historical religious texts and manuscripts and compile encyclopedias in different religious and scholarly fields.

It now has a collection of historical documents related to various eras and places in the Muslim world.

The center also has good cooperation with the Najaf Islamic Seminary School. 








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