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Iranian envoy: Resistance sole way to victory for Palestine
Iran's envoy to Baghdad said that the only way for the Palestinians to gain victory and liberate the holy city of Quds is to strengthen the Islamic resistance front.

Hawzah News Agency (Baghdad, Iraq) - Iraj masjedi who was addressing Iranian diplomats and staff members of Iranian institutions in Baghdad, said, 'Seventy years of peace process and negotiations with the Zionist regime of Israel brought no advantage to the Palestinians, and the only option left for them is to boost Islamic resistance front.'

The Zionist regime has not given any concession to the Palestinians during the process; rather it has expanded its settlements, and has constrained the Palestinian nation by terror, killing and siege, he said.


He referred to the 33-day war of Lebanese Hezbollah, and the 22-day war of Hamas in Gaza as two achievements of the Islamic resistance front against the Zionists, saying that the Israelis were defeated in the two wars for the first time and gave in to the Islamic resistance front's demands.

He also referred to the demonstrations on the coming Quds day as an issue of far more importance compared to those of the previous years due to the latest developments in the region, including the relocation of the US embassy in Quds and brutal killing of the Palestinians.


He also noted that participation in the demonstration is the least support that Muslim nations can give to the Palestinians.


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