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Cultural Week of Qom in Lebanon;
Iran's ambassador to Lebanon: Resistance has made great achievements in region
Iran's ambassador to Lebanon said to the reporters at the exhibition: "Fortunately,after many efforts that were made by the officials of the two provinces of Nabatieh and Qom, we were able to hold an exhibition which has been welcomed greatly by people."

Hawzah News Agency (Beirut, Lebanon) – Dr.Mohammad Fatah-Ali stated that Iran and Lebanon have a number of comparative advantages and added: "It is our duty as an embassy to introduce these relative benefits, and Lebanon has an important place in our foreign policy." 

He also said: "Thanks to God, after the victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution, the interactions and relationship between the two countries have been very good and our efforts are to strengthen these connections." 


He continued: "Many good agreements were achieved at this exhibition and the embassy's duty is to pursue these agreements and to bring them to a conclusion. I believe that Iran and Lebanon can cooperate in different fields, especially in the cultural fields, and the cooperation ways between the two countries are numerous." 

The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran said about the background of Iran and Lebanon's relationships: "The scholars of Lebanon have a high status in our culture,and our scholars have high status in Lebanon." 


Dr. Fatah-Ali stated about the importance of the resistance in Lebanon: "Imam Khomeini, established the resistance and today we are proud of that the resistance is composed of all religions could achieve victories against the Zionist regime and Takfiri groups, and these are the appropriate platforms for strengthening the relationships between the two countries." 

He commented about the ways to strengthen Iran and Lebanon's economic relationships: "about strengthening the economic relationships,as one of the important missions of the embassy,based on the country's top officials approach,is to strengthen and consolidate relations,to strengthen this field we have made our utmost efforts, we believe that this fields should improve in both countries,and we are trying to provide an opportunity in this matter,despite all the limitations and sanctions that we are facing." 


He added: "We believe that the Islamic Republic of Iran, considering its capacities, and with the view that our high authorities, especially the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, have about the concept of the economy of resistance, Lebanon can be a country that can play a significant role in this economy." 

Dr. Fatah-Ali added: "We hope we can get rid of these barriers and the great people of the Islamic Republic of Iran have capabilities in this field and we hope to see our economic relationships expand in the near future." 


It is to mention that Qom's cultural week will be held until May 15th and is open to public in Nabatieh, Lebanon. 



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