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Persian Quran exhibition opens in Greece
The Iranian Cultural Center in Greece has mounted a Quran exhibition in Athens, the capital.

Hawzah News Agency (Athens, Greece) - According to the website of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the Benaki National Museum, the National Library of Greece and ICRO’s General Office of Cultural Cooperation have cooperated in holding the expo, which will run for three months.

38 precious calligraphy works featuring Quranic verses and Persian poetry as well as illuminations and miniatures have been put on display at the exhibition.



The Islamic Section of the museum is hosting the exhibition, which has been mounted concurrent with the selection of Athens as the World Book Capital in 2018.

Iranian artists hold educational workshops on Islamic-Iranian calligraphy and illumination on the sidelines of the exhibition.



A number of cultural and arts directors, academic figures, officials of the museum, national library and Muslims and Christian figures of Greece are expected to visit the exhibition in the first half of the holy month of Ramadan.



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