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Political activist and supporter of Palestinians,
America and Israel tries to wide spread Iranophobia
A political activist and supporter of Palestinians from north Ireland said, “America and Israel don’t want independent countries such as Iran and therefore, they are always wide spreading Iranophobia”.

Hawzah News Agency (Mashhad, Iran) -  In an interview with correspondent of news staff of New Horizon International Conference, Tomi Santez, Irish musician and author, elaborated his viewpoint on the conference and stressed, “This forum is really attractive since it hosts lots of figures from different countries and nationalities and these people raise new ideas”. 
Noting that this conference deals with the ongoing situations in Iran, the US and the world differently, he said, “It is very significant to talk to people not to talk about people”. 
This political activist and supporter of Palestine said, “We are really interested to have such conferences in Ireland, the US and England and to receive many different comments from the participants as a large proportion of the news in these countries are sent out by the specific sources and they are not reliable, therefore”. 
He reiterated, “The real news of the world is not given to people and only those pieces which are in line with the demands of owners of power is available for this very people. The new staffs and the media have to convey people’s word”. 
Santez said, “American, Irish, and British news and newspapers are managed by five to six persons, with respect to my presence in these countries. This issue has led to the monopolization of mass media and therefore does not have a good place among its citizens”. 
He reminded, “Relying on news and various media, we got understood that common people of America know that military power and the army is declining. The people are not dominated by American military and American influential people as they have understood that world’s military power has to be declined”. 
This political activists and supporter of Palestinians reminded, “This conference is a very good opportunity to convey nations this message that they can stand by themselves and become independent. Being dependent is supported by no one”. 
Referring to the root of animosity of the US and its allies, Santez said, “They don’t like independent countries like Iran and for this reason they are constantly wide spreading Iranophobia. They don’t want to have Iran as an influential pole against themselves therefore their goal is to keep themselves as the first and last power”.




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