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Director of museum of Pushkin visited Malek museum in Iran
Director of the Museum of Fine Arts of Pushkin Russia visited the National Library and Museum of Malek, the largest cultural endowment of Astan Quds Razavi in Tehran.

Hawzah News Agency (Tehran, Iran) - According to Astan News, Marina Luschak, who traveled to Iran for some cultural cooperation, yesterday visited Malek National Library and Museum to look at the valuable works of this three thousand-year history treasury and get familiar with culture and civilization of Islamic Iran through these exquisites.

Hall of Art and Life: Filled with decorative objects, Stamp Hall: The most advanced stamp hall of the country and coin hall of the Malek National Museum Halls; it is the first Iranian private-endowed museum visited by Marina Lushak and the Russian delegation.


During the visit, the Russian group got acquainted with the modern methods of museum management in Iran, the role of endowment in the creation and expansion of such a cultural establishment in the country and the prominent services of Haj Hossein Agha Malek; the donator and the founder of the establishment.

On the sidelines of the visit, Luschak and Russian delegation also participated in a meeting with the presence of Dr. Gholamreza Khajehsarvi, managing director of the National Library and Museum of Malek and Reza Dabirinejad, the cultural deputy of the Institute.


During the meeting they discussed areas of cooperation in the field of culture and art and museum management specialized foundations between the National Museum of Malek and the Museum of Fine Arts of Pushkin Russia.

The National Library and Museum of Malek is considered one of the most important tourist destinations of the country, which is visited annually by foreign delegations and by many culture-enthusiast tourists.


Also, this endowment is currently by keeping and displaying museum works, holding courses, workshops and specialized meetings in the field of Islamic-Iranian art, organizing attractive and creative cultural exhibitions, offering special Museum services to children etc., has been able to attract many domestic audiences.

Malek National Library as one of the country's six largest libraries in the field of manuscripts is given attention by the country's researchers and offers valuable services to its clients.

This endowment was dedicated to Imam Reza (A.S.) in the year 1937, and will receive domestic and foreign tourists every day except for holidays at the address: United Nations Street, National Guard Gate, Imam Khomeini Square, Tehran .



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