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Main competitors in Malaysia's Int'l Quran competition
An Iranian Quran expert said representatives from Iran, Malaysia, Egypt and Indonesia are the main contenders in the recitation category of Malaysia's ۶۰th international Quran competition.

Hawzah News Agency (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) - Seyyed Javad Sadat Fatemi, who is accompanying Iran's representative Mokhtar Dehqan at the competition as a guide, said that Qaris from Syria, Morocco and Palestine as well as the US Qari, who is originally from Afghanistan, can also make it difficult for Dehqan to win the contest.

He said none of the Qaris who performed their recitation on the first night of the competition on Monday displayed a good performance.



Some of them even made quite unexpected mistakes regarding the principles of Waqf and Ibtida and pronunciation of words, he added.

On the first night, Qaris from Pakistan, Turkey, Macedonia and the Philippines went on the stage in the men section to recite the Quran.



As for Dehqan's readiness, Sadat Fatemi said the Iranian Quran reciter is fully prepared and is also well acquainted with the competition's scoring and evaluation criteria. 

He expressed hope that Dehqan will have a good performance when his turn for recitation comes on Thursday.



The competition got underway Monday at the Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur.

Representatives of 56 countries are attending the international Quranic event, which will run until Saturday, May 12, when winners will be announced an awarded.



A total of 15 Quran experts from Malaysia and a number of other countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Indonesia, make up the panel of judges.

Winners of the three top titles in each category will receive cash awards ranging from 10,000 ringgits to 70,000 ringgits.



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