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Croatia has four Mosques now
The fourth mosque in Croatia opened on the weekend in the small village of Bogovlja. In Croatia there are ۲۶ places of worship catering to Muslims. In ۲۰۱۱ there were ۶۳,۰۰۰ Muslims in the country.

Hawzah News Agency (Zagreb, Croatia) - After the mosques in Zagreb, Rijkea and Gunja, this latest mosque is close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Speaking to the media, the grand mufti of the Islamic Community in Croatia, Aziz Efendi Hasanovic, said that the new mosque in Bogovlja would serve to show young people what Islam looks like, that it is "the Islam full of open-mindedness, full of good deeds, and the Islam free of any deviations".



He added that Muslim places of worship and Islamic centers in Croatia are "places for meetings of different religions and different cultures". 

In Croatia there are 26 places of worship catering to Muslims, including four mosques. According to the most recent 2011 population census, there were 63,000 Muslims in the country, meaning there was one place of worship per roughly 2,500 believers.



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