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Museum featuring Prophets’ life planned in Turkey
A museum of works and items related to the life of Divine apostles is planned to be opened in Turkey.

Hawzah News Agency (Sanlıurfa, Turkey) - According to the Aksam newspaper, the building has been designed in the form of a star and crescent and built in Sanlıurfa city.

The part of the building that resembles a star includes offices, prayer rooms, library and shopping centers.

In the crescent part, stories on the life of the prophets based on the Holy Quran’s verses will be narrated.

Nihat Ciftci, the mayor of the city, said that the main objective of the museum is to better introduce the stories of the prophets, making use of modern technology.

The visitors will experience a travel back in time to the different historical periods and get useful information about the prophets, he added.



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