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Ayat. Faghihi:
Holding Quranic competitions promotes Quranic culture in all Muslim countries
Ayatollah Faghihi stressed that holding Quranic competitions promotes unity among Muslims in the world.

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran) – Ayatollah Mohsen Faghihi made some remarks on the second round of international Quran competitions. Member of Qom’s Society of Seminary Teachers said, “Quranic competitions are very effective in promoting Quranic goals and programs, because on the one hand, it helps promoting the Quranic culture in all Muslim countries, and on the other hand, it encourages and motivates Quran enthusiasts.”

The Shia cleric referred to the participation of non-Iranian seminary students in Quran competitions in Iran and noted, “The presence of foreign seminary students in these competitions is important for several reasons; First of all, it spreads Quranic education in all Muslim countries. Secondly, it makes the whole world aware of the importance of learning and preserving the Quran and its teachings. Moreover, it promotes unity among Muslims in the world.”

Ayatollah Faghihi mentioned holding Quranic competitions in the city of Qom and pointed out, "Qom is one of the largest seminary centers of the Islamic world and many great sources of emulation live in this city, therefore holding Quranic competitions in Qom would persuade more significant Quranic figures and missionaries from all over the country to participate in these events.”

He concluded by emphasizing many blessings and results that holding Quranic competitions have for the society.


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