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Civil society activist demand arrest of US defence attache for killing Pakistani youth
Civil society activists staged a demonstration outside the National Press Club in Islamabad to protest against the killing of a Pakistani youth by US Defence Attaché Colonel Joseph Emanuel Hall and demanded justice for Ateeq Baig, who was killed in the accident.

Hawzah News Agency (Islamabad, Pakistan) - They raised slogans against the United States administration over violation of traffic laws due to which an innocent Pakistani youth was killed. “Had US diplomat respected red signal of traffic, the fatal accident would have been averted,” said one of the activists. 
Members of the Pakistani civil society called for the arrest of the US military attaché who was involved in the accident that claimed the life of a 22-year-old Pakistani.
“If a Pakistani accidentally killed an American citizen in the US, how do you think they would treat him?” asked one protester.
Members of the civil society urged the government to solve the matter as soon as possible and punish the diplomat for reckless driving.
A college student was killed Saturday when a car hit his motorcycle. Police officials said Colonel Hall was driving the vehicle. Twenty-two-year-old Atiq Baig died on the spot. The police registered a case against the American diplomat.
Hall was not arrested due to diplomatic immunity. On the other hand, the Foreign Office summoned the US ambassador.
A spokesperson of the US Embassy also said they were aware of the incident and were cooperating with Pakistani officials in the investigations.



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