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Israel arrested more than ۶۰۰ Palestinians in March
A report issued by rights groups revealed on Monday that Israeli occupation forces arrested ۶۰۹ Palestinians, including ۹۵ children and ۱۳ women in March.

Hawzah News Agency (Occupied Territories of Palestine) - The report, which was issued by a group of governmental and non-governmental Palestinian rights groups, documented the violations of the Israeli occupation against Palestinian prisoners and their families during March.

There were nearly 6,500 Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails in February, including 54 women, eight girls and 350 boys, according to the report.



In addition, the report said that the Israeli occupation authorities issued 81 administrative detention orders since the start of 2018, including 34 new orders. This, according to the report, brought the number of prisoners under administrative detention to 500.

The report reiterated that the Israeli occupation systematically violates the rules of the international law and international humanitarian law.



It called for the UN Human Rights Council to urgently form a fact-finding committee to investigate the Israeli violations against Palestinian prisoners and bring the Israeli occupation to account.



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