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Secretary general of Iran’s council of religious researchers:
Gospel translated to ۲۶۰۰ languages, Quran only ۱۴۰ languages
Dr. Ayat noted, “Last year, for the first time the seminary started paying more attention to learning international languages as a significant matter.”

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran) - In an interview with HawzahNews, secretary general of Iran’s council of religious researchers Dr. Ayat Peyman stated that over the past year, we witnessed good developments in the seminary and said, “Honestly, both in the structural perspective and educational approaches good developments have happened in the seminary during the last year. Of course this trend should be continued in the future too, so the expected results will be achieved.”

Dr. Ayat noted, “For example, last year, for the first time the seminary started paying more attention to learning languages as a significant matter. Although it was a late start, it was still an effective and great step and it should continue to remain a top priority in the future as well.”

He said that Arabic language and dialogue have entered seminary curriculum as obligatory lessons for the students and expressed hope to add some other international languages such as English and Spanish to the obligatory curriculum of the seminary as well.

He called knowing international languages and good translations two weaknesses of the Shias in today’s world and said, “We should try to remedy this problem as the others translate their [ideological] texts into many various languages; for example, the Gospel has been translated into more than 2,600 languages, while all translations of the Quran, translated by both Shias and Sunnis, only include 140 languages, indicating that we have slacked off in this area.”


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