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Any attempt at distorting Quran doomed to failure
Egypt’s former grand Mufti underlined that any attempt aimed at distorting the Holy Quran is doomed to failure.

Hawzah News Agency (Cairo, Egypt) - Speaking in a TV program on CBC satellite news network, Ali Gomaa described such attempts as ludicrous, al-Fajr news website reported.

He said there have been individuals since the revelation of the Quran who tried to distort it but failed.

Gomaa said an American-Lebanese person named Anis Soroush said he could bring Surahs (chapters) like those in the Quran but what he presented was 77 so-called surahs in a book titled “Furqan” which was a total failure.

He stressed that the Zionist regime of Israel is behind such forlorn attempts.

Ali Gomaa served as the eighteenth grand Mufti of Egypt for ten years from 2003 to 2013.



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