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Gaza ‘electronic Quranic center’ attracts Quran learners from ۴۷ countries
Some ۱,۲۰۰ individuals are currently learning the Quran, taking the courses offered by the Gaza “Electronic Quranic Center”.

Hawzah News Agency (Occupied Territories) - According to Palestine Online website, the center was launched in May 2015 by the Gaza Dar-ol-Quran and Sunnah.

Now, people from all over the world, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, the US, and Britain log on to the website of the center to learn the Quran.

Mahmoud Shubaki, a senior Palestinian Qari, has been working with the center for a year.

He helps the learners, mostly non-Arabs, to correct their recitation and improve their Quranic skills.

He says the center aims to teach the Quran online to those who live outside of Palestine.

According to Shubaki, a large number of girls and boys have already completed the courses offered by the center.

When one starts learning the Quran with the center, the first thing taught to them is Surah Fateha, the first Surah of the Holy Book, he says, adding that some may even have to spend up to four months to fully learn to recite the Surah correctly.

Nonetheless, all the Quran learners are enthusiastic and keep working to improve their Quranic skills, he adds.

Huna Nisar is among the women who learned the Quran with the center and is now a Quran teacher herself.

She says the center’s courses include lessons on Quran recitation, Tajweed, Qara’at (recitation styles), etc.

She says the number of those willing to take the courses is well beyond the capacity of the center.

When it began offering Quranic courses in May 2015, the center had 11 Quran learners, including five from Palestine, four from other Arab countries, and two from the US, she notes.

Now it has some 1,200 Quran learners from 47 countries, she goes on to say.



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