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Winners of European Quran competition announced
The Islamic Center Hamburg announced the winners of the ۶th international Quran competition for Muslims in Europe.

Hawzah News Agency (HamburgGermany​) The center’s Dar-ol-Quran al-Kareem organized the contest on March 2-4.

As many as 170 Muslims from different European countries, including Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Britain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, France, Austria and the Netherlands, competed in the Quranic event.  

It was held in two separate sections for men and women in two age groups of teenagers and adults.

The categories of the competition included Quran recitation, Quran memorization, Adhan (call to prayers), and Quranic concepts.

Mohammad Mohammadi from Germany, Mostafa Ahmadian from Germany, Yusuf al-Assadi from Sweden, and Yusuf al-Khafaji from Denmark were among the top-rank winners, according to the panel of judges.

The center annually organizes the competition with the aim of promoting the Quranic culture and identifying Quranic talents among European Muslims.



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