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۱۳th International Ulamai Summit kicks off in Syria
The Thirteenth International Summit of Islamic Scholars "Ulemai" with presence of prominent scholars from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria was held today in Damascus, Syria.

Hawzah News Agency (Damascus, Syria) - At this meeting Hujjat al-Islam Tabatabai Eshkavari, representative of Supreme Leader of Iran, in Syria spoke.



 "The purpose of this meeting is to promote the culture of resistance and unity, and there is no doubt that the outcome will be a victory. The presence of prominent scholars from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria shows that we are all in the frontline of resistance against our enemy, Israel." he said.

Hujjat al-Islam Eshkavari continued: Those who support Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) and Takfiri thoughts will not go anywhere in the post-war stage. Syria has always been at the frontline of resistance and Palestine had very good experiences with resistance also.



Eshkavari about the role of the Islamic Revolution in the region said: "We are on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and this revolution has not survived without resistance and persistency."

He added: "The Islamic Revolution did not just triumph in Iran, but created the enthusiasm and passion for advancing religious knowledge among the people of the region, all of which was due to the belief in God and the help of the people and the wise leadership."




 We should united as well.

Sheikh Mohammed al-buti, Head of the Union of Ulama in Levant at The Thirteenth Ulamai Summit "Islamic Scholars" addressing attendees said: "Grabbing the divine line with God's grace brings our hearts together and those who cling to the divine thread, although accepting different Ijtihad, nevertheless they are moving on the same goal and path of dignity and their path do not deter from truth and riotousness."

Sheikh al-buti continued: "But if empowerment is at the center of divine disobedience, hostility and Worldly desires, it will be the beginning of conflict and tension. Everyone understands the danger of division, and this is normal. Therefore, all Islamic Ummah must unite their ranks."



He added: Now that our enemy is united, why shouldn't we not be united as well. The Islamic world must consolidate its unity by eliminating divisive factors.



Iran's advances are because of divine help

Sheikh Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed, Minister of Endowments of Syria emphasizing that our victories were for the blood of the martyrs said: "The blood of Iranian, Lebanese and Syrian mujahedeen in the territory of Syria has been mixed".

He added: "Iran's advances in nuclear energy and ballistic missiles are due to the belief in God and divine help."



Hojjat al-Islam Seyyed Abdullah, the head of the council of scholars of the Ahlul-Bait religion in Syria said: "The days of our dignity were when we were united, and the times of our defeat were when we were dispersed."

He continued: "We are dispersed and dispersed nation, and that's why the enemy will bring us every blast. We do not have the same stance against the US and Zionist attacks."



Sheikh Zuhair, the general secretary of the Lebanese Islamic Action Front, also said: "The Islamic Revolution of Iran and Imam Khomeini made Quds an important proposition. The Syrian people resisted against the enemy and its president did not escape like other Arab leaders, despite the fact that there was a great war against Syria. We took the result of the resistance axis in Syria."

Underlining the conspiracy behind the scenes, he said: "The Wahhabis want to introduce the victories of the resistance axis as Iranian and tribes, and to put seeds of fear of Iran at the heart of the Sunni people."



Israel must be eliminated

Ayatollah Mohsen Arakki, secretary-general of The World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought said: "The covenant of brotherhood and the covenant of divine mercy are the guarantors of Islamic unity. Invocators and propagandists of division are not from the Ummah of the Prophet, because the Mohammadi Ummah is united. The foundation of Israel is divisive and Israel must be eliminated."

He added: "Israel must be eliminated because the divine tradition is that oppression will not last. And we have a rationale that usurpation will not last. Israel is a fabricated and usurped regime that has no nation, neither history nor identity. Seventy years the Israeli regime has not been able to deploy. Death of Israel is certain."



Victories not limited to Muslims

Hojjat al-Islam Shaikh Ali Khezem, a prominent member and Secretary of the Council of Trustees of constitution of Muslim scholars in Lebanon said: "Our first battle is against Israel and then against Takfiris. The concept of Islamic unity should be developed in a civilized sense that includes non-Muslims."

He reiterated: "Mujahideen (Warriors) in recent victories in the Islamic world were not just Muslims, and we are also proud of their successes. In the army and resistance forces, Mujahideen from other religions and ethnicities also participated in the war against the enemy.



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