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Sheikh Qassim:
"Seminary of Lebanon to promote ties with Qom, Najaf"
Vice secretary general of Hezbollah movement said, "The main challenge in Lebanese Islamic seminaries is that majority of students have to work and study simultaneously." / "The methods and expertise of seminary of Qom is very broad and impressive."

Hawzah News Agency (Beirut, Lebanon) – In an exclusive interview with Hawzah News' correspondent in Beirut Sheikh Naeem Qassim asserted, "Our suggestion is that they should have enough time for their Islamic courses by providing them with basic necessities of life so that they don’t have to work while studying."


The Lebanese cleric added, "The seminaries of Lebanon are doing very well; some of them are implementing the methods used by seminary of Qom as well as Al-Mustafa International University. Some other Lebanese seminaries follow the traditions of Iraqi Islamic seminaries."




"Seminary schools across Lebanon are helping students graduate, but there needs to be more cooperation with seminaries of Qom as well as Najaf." Sheikh Qassim added.


The vice secretary general of Hezbollah Movement concluded by saying, "The methods and expertise of seminary of Qom is very broad and impressive. We can use such expertise in our advanced jurisprudential courses in Lebanese seminary schools."



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