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Event in Senegal discusses translation of Quran in French
A forum was held in Senegal to introduce a translation of the Holy Quran into French by an Iranian scholar.

Hawzah News Agency (Dakar, Senegal) - The Iranian Culture Center in Dakar hosted the forum on Friday and It was attended by the Iranian cultural attaché, Seyed Hassan Esmati, and a number of senior Senegalese scholars and academic figures.

It began by an introduction of Abolqassem Fakhri, the translator of the Quran, and his works and activities.


Next, the scholars attending the forum expressed their views about the rendering, stressing that it was a valuable work.

Each of the participants received a copy of the translation at the end of the forum.  


Earlier, the Iranian attaché had described the translation as a great Quranic achievement.

He said in January that its distribution in Senegal has been among the Iranian Cultural Center's main activities in terms of Quranic diplomacy.


It took Fakhri more than 20 years to complete the French translation of the Quran.



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