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The Hawzah ۱۹th annual book award and first scholarly articles festival held in Qom
Hawzah ۱۹ annual book award and first scholarly articles festival yesterday was held at Imam Kadhim Seminary in Qom.

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran) - The Hawzah 19th Annual Book Award and First Scholarly Articles Festival, was held yesterday  at Imam Kadhim Seminary, in the presence of Ayatollah Sobhani, Supreme Shia Marja (AS).

At this ceremony, Ayatollah Ali Reza Arafi identified the seminary as one of the major milestones in the production of Islamic thought throughout history, and stated: "In these centers here were many great figures in various fields of human sciences and they were proud to promote Islamic excellence.”


Director of the Seminary of the entire country, referring to the flow of several projects in the seminary, said: “The prominent history of the seminary is clear to everyone and the field's elites are directly or indirectly linked to the research, and there are numerous plans in proses.”


Following the ceremony, the secretary of “The Hawzah Annual Book Award” conference, referring to the works sent to the secretariat of the event, said: “956 works of Islamic Sciences have been received by the secretariat of the conference this year and we have representatives from all over the world.”


Moving forward at the ceremony, Ayatollah Seyyed Kadhim Hosseini Haeri and Ayatollah Seyyed Mojtaba Mussavi Lari were honored and celebrated.










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