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UAE Quran center teaches memorization without recitation
Quran learning courses are now open at the Mohammed Bin Obaid Quran Center in Dubai, the UAE.

Hawzah News Agency (Dubai, UAE) - Quran learning courses are now open at the Mohammed Bin Obaid Quran Center. The new center, established as part of the Year of Zayed, is the first-of-its-kind Quranic initiative in the UAE to offer learners an opportunity to properly learn and recite Quran, with no need to memorize it. 

The drive, themed 'Correct My Recitation', is aimed to teach aspiring learners proper recital methods of the Quran and correct common recitation mistakes. 


Nada Mohammed Obaid Al Falasi, manager of the Mohammed bin Obaid Quran Centre, said that registration for the unique course is open to those aged 16 and over. "The promising scheme is meant to build up a new Emirati generation skilled in reciting the Quran," she said.   

Registration is open for Emirati nationals and residents alike, she underlined. "Aspirant learners of different ages, including eight-year-old children and above still can learn Quran recitation at the center." 


While the new center can currently accommodate more than 250 male and female students, it can be expanded in the future to put up 1,000 Quran learners, Al Falasi disclosed. "Memorizing the Quran, giving attention to its sciences, developing its means of learning, leadership and innovation in attracting more learners are some of the strategic objectives of the center." 

The center is also aimed at promoting the tolerant culture of Islam, by qualifying an elite group of Quran memorizers capable of teaching the Quran and leading prayers in mosques, she said.


Al Falasi said that separate classes have been assigned for fresh Quran memorizers and advanced learners, besides full Quran memorizers who are prepared for accreditation in the 10 schools of Qiraat or recitation.

"Special classes are also included for perfecting memorization and learning classic textbooks of Quran memorization," she unveiled. "The Centre, including 10 classes, occupies two of a four-floor building in case of future expansion."


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