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News Code : 350622 | Publish Date :2017/12/20 - 17:23 | Category: SCHOLARS

Senior cleric invites Muslim scholars to promote peaceful coexistence among people

Hawzah News Agency (Najaf, Iraq) – Senior Iraqi cleric Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Saeed al-Hakim received a group of Sunni scholars in his office in the city of Najaf, Iraq on Tuesday.


During the meeting, the Shia scholar asked Muslim clerics, scholars as well as religious activists to use their positions in the society to promote moral virtues such as forgiveness, peaceful coexistence and friendship among people. He remarked that scholars can also invite people to put away their different opinions and ethnic discords to live in peace.


The Shia source of emulation invited all Iraq tribes to put aside their minor differences and consider what is best for the whole country; he asked Iraqi groups to avoid seeking benefits of a small minority within the country and stand united against foreign threats which are being imposed on Iraq.



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