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New Islamic civilization based on rationality and philanthropy
Prominent Sunni cleric from Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province noted the new Islamic civilization since the beginning was based on rationality and philanthropy. Arrogant powers have sparked war among Muslims through different methods.

Hawzah News Agency (Azerbaijan, Iran) - Mamusta Abdul Qader Sohrabi, Sunni prayer leader of Mahabad, highlighted unity and cooperation as needed pillars for new Islamic civilization otherwise the glory of Islam will be uprooted.
He said, "Thoughts which prevent promotion of Islam should be uprooted so that a true Islam and not American-style Islam is achieved."

Mamusta Sohrabi referred to foundations of modern Islamic civilization based on Qur’anic teachings and said," Modern Islamic civilization is formed when all legislations and plans originate from holy Qur’an."
He called for awakening of academic and research centers in line with paving the path for new Islamic civilization.

He hailed the previous achievements by Muslims gained in the light of solidarity and convergence.
"This is while, at present, arrogant powers have sparked war among Muslims through different methods" said the Sunni scholar.

Prayer leader of Mahabad concluded, "Formation of new Islamic civilization should happen based on commonalities of all Islamic denominations so that settling minor disagreements between Muslims will lead to formation of a unified Islamic nation."

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