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Takfiris misusing companions of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)
(Head of Islamic Human Rights Commission related on different aspects of British Shia slamming Takfiri groups for abusing the companions of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh.

Hawzah News Agency (London, England) - Massoud Shajareh, head of Islamic Human Rights Commission and a participant of the first conference on operating Islamic proximity noted abuse of companions of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and opposition with revolution as the commonality of Wahhabism, Daesh and other Takfiri groups.

In an exclusive interview, Massoud Shajareh said, "These Takfiri groups are against revolution and against creating an Islam which brings change against arrogant powers."
He noted that the revolutionary Islam will bring change against colonialism and against the world order which is infact destructive for the lives of the people.

Iranian-descent thinker also slammed the arrogant powers for taking money and resources from everyone and getting them fight one another.
According to the head of Islamic Human Rights Commission those who are friendly with the oppressors and Zionists are promised to become ministers and representatives and added,"‌These people would be financed and sent around the world."

He vowed that our religion would be finished in that way and demanded Muslims to keep their eyes opened to this reality.
A full version of the interview on the topic will be released soon.



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