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Dine with Muslim Neighbors in Waite Park, Minnesota
Local author and speaker Hudda Ibrahim is partnering with the city of Waite Park to provide a larger venue to promote understanding among Muslims and non-Muslims in Central Minnesota.

Hawzah News Agency - Ibrahim and her husband Abdi Mahad have hosted two "Dine and Dialogue with your Muslim Neighbor" events in their apartment building's community room, to rave

reviews, she said.

The Waite Park Police Department, city intern Megan Kalk and Ibrahim collaborated to bring the event to Waite Park.

The public has been invited to "Meet Your Muslim Neighbor: Building Bridges between Cultures with Food and Conversation” from 2-6 p.m. Oct. 28 at Waite Park's Community Park Pavilion, next

to Waite Park City Hall.

Ibrahim and Kalk will facilitate dialogue, aiming to build bridges by highlighting common cultural values. Ibrahim hopes it is also the start of many diverse friendships.

At this event, Somali tea and sambusas, a fried dish with a savory filling, will be provided free.

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