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Zionism regimes' Annihilation pledged by Quran
"Zionism regimes' Annihilation is a sure thing which has been pledged by holy Quran," stressed Iranian religious cleric.

Hawzah News Agency - "Annihilation of Israeli regime is a sure thing which has been pledged by holy Quran," said religious cleric, Ayatollah Safie Golpaigani.
Addressing a religious ceremony in holy city of Qom, the grand Ayatollah placed stress on the leading role of Muslims' solidarity in facing the regime of Zionism.
The religious cleric beckoned to the inroads and headways made by Muslims countries urging them to promote their unity to gain triumph against enemies in the long run.
"The collapse of Israeli regime and the freedom of Palestine categorically will occur," underlined the senior cleric.

Leveling criticism at those groups who are after parting Muslim nations and increasing dispersion int the World of Islam, the religious cleric urged Muslims to promote their unity.

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