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How to Establish Justice
Justice cannot be truly established among people without an equitable law.

Hawzah News Agency- Justice cannot, as people like Ibn Sina argues, be truly established among people without an equitable law, which for two reasons cannot be devised by man.


Firstly, man cannot distinguish truth completely or free himself from personal bias. Secondly, there is no guarantee for its execution, for man's nature makes him prefer himself to others. So, when the law is in his favor, he accepts it and when it is against his interest, he rejects it.

A law must be of a kind to which man submits, and such a law must come from God to induce obedience in man's deep conscience. This just law is from God and to have a guarantee for its execution, rewards and punishments must be devised and to enable people to have faith in them, they must know God himself. Thus, knowing God is for several reasons, a pre-requisite for the establishment of justice.


Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari, Goal of Life, Published by Bethat Islamic Research Centre (BIRC) Qom – Iran.

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