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Argentineans hold protest against Netanyahu’s visit
People in Argentina have been holding anti-Israeli protests as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits the Latin American country.

Hawzah News Agency (Buenos Aires​Argentine- Pro-Palestinian and left-wing demonstrators held a rally in the capital, Buenos Aires, on Monday, ahead of Netanyahu’s arrival, to condemn the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and crimes against Palestinian people.


They carried images depicting Netanyahu as Hitler and reading “Get out Zionists from Palestine. Get out Netanyahu.”



Other images showed mug shots of Netanyahu as a wanted criminal. Messages on those posters read wanted for “human rights crimes” and the “genocide of the Palestinian people.”


People also plan to hold a protest in Buenos Aires on Tuesday, when Netanyahu is slated to meet Argentinean President Mauricio Macri.



Adolfo Perez Esquivel, a notable Argentinean activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, harshly criticized Netanyahu’s visit. He said the Israeli prime minister faced accusations “of having committed crimes against humanity…for killing civilians, [and] bombarding Palestinian schools, hospitals, and mosques.”


It is a first visit by a sitting Israeli prime minister to Latin America.

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