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Ayatollah Arafi:
"Muslim world assets burning in flames of division"
Top Iranian cleric attending the conference on Islamic denominations in Afghanistan expressed regret that the assets of Muslim world burn in the flames of division. Israel as a cancerous tumor has seeded the region with division before taking aside for Muslims to kill each other.

Hawzah News Agency - Ayatollah Alireza Arafi, head of Al-Mustafa international university said the Muslim world assets are burning in the flames of division vowing that Muslims can heal social damages resulted by diversity of denominations, races and tribes.
He hailed Afghanistan as an outstanding symbol of unity and convergence among Islamic states and said," Despite all insecurity and problems, Afghan people have maintained their unity and 
hoisted the flag of convergence and cooperation."

The cleric assimilated Israel to a cancerous tumor that has seeded the region with division before taking aside for Muslims to kill each other.
"At present, all assets of Muslim world is burning in the flames of disagreement and division," he said and stressed solidarity as the healing for religious disagreements.

Molawi Abdul Qader Ebrahimi, deputy of Afghanistan’s Islamic fraternity council highlighted solidarity, convergence and Islamic proximity as solution against extremism and said," While Islam is in 
full contrast with extremism and Takfir, extremism has brought the toughest damages to Islam."
He expressed concern over infiltration of deviate thoughts into the academic centers of the country in recent years.

Seyyed Hussein Alemi Balkhi, Minister of Refugees and Repatriation, reiterated unity as the best service for all Muslims and called for academic measures and also solidarity against those who 
excommunicate followers of all denominations.
Kabul has hosted the fifth seminar on "Muslim scholars in Afghanistan" in line with Islamic proximity, solidarity of Muslims and confrontation with extremism and Takfir.

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