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Iranian Sunni scholars warn:
World arrogant powers’ countdown for dividing Muslims
Prayer leaders in the Iranian Province of West Azerbaijan stressed solidarity of Muslims as an inevitable necessity.

Hawzah News Agency - Mamusta Hasel Baleqchi, prayer leader of Shahin Dejh, warned that the world arrogant powers are counting down to undermine solidarity of Muslims while Iran is joining world developed countries as a result of struggles by authorities and also teachings of the Supreme Leader.

He called every Muslim individual to join the counter-terrorism campaign and severing the hands of outside players from the domestic issues of the country.

The cleric stressed brevity of Iranian nation in confrontation with enemies calling the people to stand vigil against hostile intrigues.

Mamusta Abdul Qader Sohrabi, prayer leader of Mahabad, stressed importance of standing against world arrogant powers, particularly the US and said,” Ignorance of the people and authorities cannot be accepted due to the present critical 
situation in the Middle East region and the world.”

Mamusta Molla Khalid Rasoulzadeh, prayer leader of Bukan County highlighted commitment to monotheistic principles as key factors for building Islamic solidarity.

The cleric in another part of his Friday sermon said,” Awakening and vigilance of Muslims is an inevitable necessity because the enemies are in ambush to realize their heinous objectives with the first negligence by Muslims.”

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