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Anti-takfiri movements officials receive British scholars in Qom
A group of British Friday Prayer leaders and Muslim scholars met with the Secretariat members of the World Congress against Extremism and Takfiri Movements in Qom.

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran)- During the meeting which was held in Imam al-Kadhim (as) seminary school in Qom on Friday, Shia cleric Hujjat al-Islam Zamani, head of the seminaries’ Social-political office, and Hujjat al-Islam Khoshkhou, International deputy of the congress, elaborated on the importance of Islamic unity in this era and underlined the fight against extremism in the Islamic world.


 Hujjat al-Islam Khoshkhou also expressed his readiness to hold the international conference on takfiri threats in the UK.


The deputy of international affairs at the Takfiri Movements Congress further invited British Prayer leaders to send in their papers on extremist movements so that they can be published later on.


The Iranian cleric then presented a report on secretariat members’ recent trip to India.


Hujjat al-Islam Zamani also offered a brief introduction on the Iranian seminaries and their history asserting, “the Islamic seminary is a non-governmental academic center for Islamic sciences and all religious scholars are taught at this seminary.



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